How to remove ‘snowflake’ meme from Google News

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How to get rid of the “snowflakes” meme that was introduced to Google News earlier this year?

In an attempt to help people understand that this meme is not about race or religion, a Google spokesperson told Mashable the meme is “not actually about race.”

However, Google has found a way to get the meme off Google News without the use of any actual snowflakes.

Here are three ways to get it off Google Now and YouTube, if you are feeling a bit weird.


Google Now Now can tell you how to remove the meme.

1 of 5 The first time you see the meme, you might have a hard time deciding what to do.

In a Google Now search for “sunnyflake,” you’ll get the following: How do I remove snowflake from Google Now?

Remove the meme from YouTube by using the search bar at the top of the search page.

To remove the snowflake meme, search for the phrase “snoop” and hit enter.

How to remove snowflake from Google?


YouTube can tell when the meme has been removed.

You can search for a specific term in Google Now, and YouTube will tell you if the search is currently active or not.


YouTube will ask you to retype the phrase.

To retype, hit the “enter” key and then type in “sneezy” and press enter.

To add the snowflaking phrase back to Google Now as an image, you’ll need to add a new “sniplay” image.

For example, if your search term is “sneaky snowflake,” then you’ll enter “snip” and then hit enter and hit the enter key to add the word “snip.”

To add an image to Google’s search bar, you’d enter “trolls” and type in the word troll and hit “enter.”


The image will be added to Google Photos and the search result will say “sniper” in the bottom left corner of the image.

To remove the “SNIP” from Google Photos, simply hit the Spacebar and then click “Reset” to reset the search.


You’ll need a YouTube account to reupload the image to YouTube.

The Google spokesperson said the company is working with Google to make the removal process faster, but did not provide any further details on how.

The original meme, “Snowflake,” has been floating around online since 2015.

It appeared in news articles and meme videos in the early days of the internet, but was ultimately removed in 2018.

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