The ‘skype doorbell’ is the new doorbell

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The new door-bell installation that Google has been using to notify users of incoming voicemail messages on their phones has been revealed by Business Insider.

The skype door-inverter is a customisable device that plugs into the phone and sends messages when a user taps the phone or enters the code on the device.

The device has been developed by the tech giant’s UK subsidiary, Skype, and can be configured to send a different message depending on the user’s location.

“When you tap on the doorbell, we will send a message with a skype link to the skype address associated with your skype account,” a Google spokesperson told Business Insider when asked about the device in a press release.

“Once you enter the skylight code, a message will appear with a picture of the skymode and the message you entered.”

Google first revealed the device at the Code Conference in January, and the skypable doorbell was a major part of Google’s announcement.

The device will cost around £5,000 ($7,600) when it is launched in the UK.

The doorbell is a new addition to Google’s suite of Google Home devices, which includes a smart home hub, speakers, a speaker phone and other smart devices.

The company has previously experimented with the device as a home automation device, but the skyspeech doorbell has now made it to the mainstream.

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