How to install Adobe Reader for Mac: Install Adobe Reader 10.5.2

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Adobe Reader is an open source, free, cross-platform ebook reader for the Mac.

It’s the closest thing to a standard ebook reader out there that Apple has released to date.

It can open PDF files, print out text, edit PDFs and can open Word documents, as well.

If you’re looking for a desktop eBook reader, it’s a bit pricey, but the Mac App Store has lots of great apps.

To install Adobe in your Mac, you’ll need to download and install Adobe’s new Reader 10 beta version. 

Here are all the details of how to install Reader 10 on your Mac.


Install the latest beta version of Adobe Reader on your OS X system.

If your OS is Yosemite or Mountain Lion, go to System Preferences > Applications > Adobe Reader and download Reader 10 Beta for Mac.

If yours is El Capitan, open the Finder and navigate to Applications > Preferences > Adobe.

Select Adobe Reader. 


Select your eBook reader software.

You can find all the best eBook readers on Mac OS X here.


Select the software you want to install. 

If you installed Adobe Reader with a different software, make sure you select the correct version.

It may be that the latest version you installed is the right one for you. 


Select Install now. 

This will install the latest Adobe Reader beta, and you’ll get an email with the installer file.

If it’s not a live install, you may need to wait for the installer to finish installing before it can be installed.


Once the installer is done, you can choose to download the latest and greatest version of the Reader 10 software.

If so, you should get a message that the installation is ready. 


Select Download from the main menu. 

It should show up on your Downloads folder in the Applications folder.

If not, click the Download button and it will download to your Downloads directory.


If everything went well, you will receive an email from Adobe saying that the download is complete. 


Double click the installer and you will be greeted with the download. 

You’ll see the installation progress. 


If the installer was successful, you just got a message telling you that the installer downloaded the latest, greatest version.

If that is the case, double click Install again to continue. 


If everything went fine, you’re all set to install the newest and greatest Reader 10 Software. 


Press the Install button and a dialog box will open asking you a few questions.

You’ll be asked to select which software you wish to install and which one to continue with. 


Select Yes to continue the installation. 

This will install all of the Adobe Reader software on your system. 


Select the option that says Install from your Downloads. 

It should now be installed in your Downloads and Applications directories. 


Next, double-click on the icon in the top-left corner to start the installation process. 

The installer will prompt you to confirm your selections. 


Now, doubleclick on Install again. 

That’s it!

The installation is complete and you can start using Adobe Reader today! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

What’s New in Reader 10: Adobe Reader is a full-featured ebook reader, which means you can download, edit, print and edit PDF documents and Word documents.

It is the closest equivalent to a PDF reader on your PC. 

 It also has built-in support for reading files in the public domain. 

Adrian Prentice, senior director of Adobe, said in a blog post that the new version of Reader 10 is “the most comprehensive and user-friendly eBook reader we have ever released”. 

 Adrenaline Boosting Readers: Readers with Adrenaline Boosters now support reading the latest edition of all Adobe Reader features on your desktop. 

Read more about the new update in this post: What is Adrenaline? 

Advance reading in Adobe Reader has always been a pain in the butt. 

But with the new Adobe Reader version 10.1.1, you no longer have to fumble around with different fonts, different layout, different fonts size and more. 

Your eyes will be focused on reading the text, not the layout of the book. 

A new feature called Adrenaline Booster allows you to enable and disable the reading of PDF files. 

So, if you want PDF files to read faster and with less lag, you only need to enable the Adrenaline booster feature in your Adobe Reader Preferences. 

For more information on how to enable or disable Adrenaline, please read our article Adrenaline for Adobe Reader users: The best eBook reader on Mac Admittedly, I don’t recommend using Adrenaline with all your favorite Adobe Reader apps. 

And while the Adrenalin Booster feature is

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