Solar Installers Take On SolarCity, Comcast, Home Depot

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Installers of solar panels and other solar-related equipment are getting a new competitor in the form of the SolarCity company.

SolarCity’s SolarCity Institutional Installers Network (SIN), the company’s new retail network, is launching in a couple of states this week.

The SIN will include companies like SunPower, Tesla Motors, and other installers in about 50 cities.

SolarCity says the SIN network will be “broadened” by the installation of its Institutional Solar Installer Network (ISN) platform.

“ISN enables Institutional solar installers to deliver a wide range of services and support for solar customers, including installation and monitoring of solar systems and financing,” SolarCity said in a statement.

SIN will be an integrated system with its SIN Platform that will connect installers and installers partners, including Tesla, SolarCity’s Institutional Institutional Service Provider (ISEP), and the Institutional Retailer.

Institutional customers will also be able to interact with installers across different Institutional Network segments.

SunPower, which announced its SolarCity SIN Network last year, is partnering with SolarCity to provide SIN.

The company is selling a new solar-panel installer for $1,700, but its current SIN customers can choose to pay $1.20 per watt or $0.25 per watt, or they can get a solar installation with no installation.

The solar installation costs are still $0, $0 per watt.

Tesla has not announced a new Institutional Partner yet.

Institutional installers can have up to 50 employees and will be able offer installation services across a broad spectrum of products, such as solar, battery storage, and home solar panels.

The Institutional Services Network is designed to facilitate Institutional installer and partner business opportunities.

While it is not known how many Institutional clients will be affected by the SINE network, Solar City says that Institutional Partners will receive the same pricing as Institutional users.

Instance customers will be eligible for a $0 annual install fee.

The new SIN rollout follows the rollout of SolarCity SolarCity Partner Network (SPN), which will provide Institutional partners with a more competitive product offering than the existing SIN platform.

SIN is a new network of solar installer partners that will have the ability to sell solar system installations and related services to Institutional buyers.

In the SinoSolar market, Institutional consumers and Institutional Investors are becoming increasingly interested in SolarCity products and services.

Solar Solar and Instant Solar are both participating in the China Solar Solar Investment Alliance (CSPIA), a market-based program that is the largest solar investment opportunity in the world.

On Thursday, Solar Solar reported that Instant solar and Instance solar customers had been receiving more than 10,000 orders per day.

The Solar Solar business is currently trading at $2.7 billion, up from $1 billion in December.

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