What to know about the new Walmart tire installation services

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The new Walmart Tire installers are all about customization. 

You can select colors and pattern to match your personal style and mood. 

The installation service also comes with a free installation kit, a set of instructions, and even a free pair of Walmart tires. 

What you won’t get are installation services like these for your standard tires, but you will get a set to customize your vehicle’s tires and tires that come with a warranty. 

I installed a pair of new Walmart tires and a set with a 30-year warranty on my 2004 Chevy Malibu. 

My first order of business was to get my wheels installed. 

A Walmart technician walked me through the installation process and I was able to get the wheels installed in just a few minutes. 

They were very straightforward and simple. 

Here are the instructions for each of the tires.

 Installing a wheel requires you to first install a new tire. 

There are several steps involved. 

First, you need to take the wheels from your vehicle and place them into the tires’ mounting holes. 

Once they are installed, you will have to carefully remove the center seal from the wheel’s outer rim and place it in the hole. 

Then you can take the wheel out of the hole and insert the tire into the tire’s mounting holes and tighten the bolts. 

If you are unsure about how to install your wheels, Walmart has a helpful video that can help guide you. 

Now that the tires are installed in the right spots, you can start putting them on. 

Before you can put the wheels on, you must remove your car’s tire pressure gauge. 

This is a very simple process that is not complicated at all. 

For this, you just remove the pressure gauge from the gauge itself and place the gauge into the hole on the inside of the tire.

You can then insert the gauge in the holes on the outside of the wheel and tighten them. 

After the tire is installed, it is time to put it on.

If you want to customize the tire, you have to install the wheel with a special tread design. 

Some tires come with special tread designs, but Walmart does not. 

Tire design is a fancy way of saying what kind of tread pattern your tire is made out of. 

When you choose a design, Walmart will recommend one that matches your personal mood and personal preferences. 

Below is a list of the custom wheels I received. 

These custom wheels were not the same as the ones I had on my standard tires.

I received a set that was slightly different than the ones in the pictures below. 

 The wheels that I received were all custom tires that I had installed in my car’s factory with the same tread pattern. 

However, there were some that were different from the standard tires that Walmart had. 

All of the wheels that were customized came with a 20-year factory warranty.

In addition, they were all installed with the proper brake pads. 

Since these tires were not standard tires I did not have to purchase brake pads, which is a good thing since the Walmart tires are going to be on the front of my car. 

As you can see in the photos below, the tires that were custom wheels are very detailed and have a lot of detail to them.

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