Advertisers are ‘very, very, very’ bullish on ‘big screen’ TV in 2018

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By RYAN JONES-KENNEDYThe ad industry has seen its market share increase by more than 50% over the past three years and is now the fastest growing consumer product category in the US, according to a new report from research firm Strategy Analytics.

In 2018, ad revenue surpassed $5.4 trillion, according the report, which was issued on Tuesday. 

Advertiser spend on digital advertising grew by 50% in 2018 to reach $4.2 trillion, up from $3.7 trillion in 2017.

“This is the year for the big screen,” said Strategy Analytics’ executive director, Michael Osterman.

“We are seeing an explosion of consumer demand for a bigger screen.

Consumers want to watch content on a big screen.

They are looking for more of an experience.

We expect consumers will be spending on big screen TVs and digital advertising in 2018, even if it isn’t for a long time.”

The market is also witnessing a “significant shift” in the nature of digital advertising, Ostermier said.

“The consumer is now looking for an experience where they are not just buying something, but watching it,” he said.

“They are seeing a shift to a consumer-centric model, where consumers want to engage with a brand, a product, an experience, and then pay to have that experience delivered on their television.”

A number of factors are behind the growth in digital advertising spending, Oestermier added, including the fact that consumers are more willing to spend for a range of brands, such as Netflix and Amazon.

In addition, digital advertising is increasingly being used in ways that are less intrusive to consumers.

“Consumers are watching TV content online and are using their TV to browse, watch content, and even purchase items, which are a lot less intrusive,” Ostermand said.

While digital advertising’s market share is still growing at a relatively slow pace, Oastermier expects it to reach a high point by 2020.

“The ad business is growing very slowly, but as we look at 2020 and beyond, we see that the ad market is going to be the fastest-growing consumer product market in the United States, and we see it growing at such a fast pace that we are going to see a significant shift,” he added.

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