Why are you building air conditioners in your house?

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The construction of air conditioning systems has been a contentious issue for many years, with the government of Kerala and the Maharashtra government recently deciding to phase out the practice.

The government has been keen on the issue since it was initially implemented in Maharashtra in 2009.

But the issue is now getting a lot of attention, as it is the only state that allows for installing air conditioning in its homes.

The Maharashtra government has issued several licences for air conditioning installations, and in January this year, it gave permission to install air conditioning for residential and commercial properties.

However, the Maharashtra authorities are not giving out details about the exact locations of the air conditioning units.

The Kerala government has also been keen to have the air conditioner installations, as well as the drip edge installation, installed in homes.

The Kerala government is also considering installing air condition in the government hospitals, according to a source in the state.

However, the state government has come out against installing the airconditioners, as the installation of drip edge systems has the potential of damaging the air quality in the city.

“It is an issue of safety and it is also a matter of public health, the Kerala Government has said.

The government is in discussions with the Maharashtra Government about the issue and if necessary, it will issue licences for drip edge installations,” the source said.

However and also the Maharashtra High Court has ruled that the state has no authority to issue licences or permit drip edge units.

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