A light is back, but how can we make sure the rest of the city stays warm?

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The light that shines in Dublin’s CBD has finally been returned.

But the city’s iconic, neon-lit shopping centres have been forced to go dark in an effort to save the city from an imminent winter storm.

More than 700 lights were left at the city centre in the capital’s inner city as a precaution during the winter.

A spokesman for the city council said: “Light will return to the city centres on Monday and Tuesday nights and we will be reopening on Wednesday and Thursday nights.”

As part of the project we will have an extra lighting crew at each of our light distribution points in the CBD and at other locations.

“The lights will be removed on Monday night and Tuesday morning, with the rest returning on Thursday.

There are concerns the lights could be used as a shelter to save power during a cold snap.

But a spokesman for Waterford City Council said the lights were not being used as shelters.

He said: “[The lights] are to be removed from the street as soon as they are safe for pedestrians to walk on.”

We have also asked for the use of our emergency lighting system to be replaced, as well as additional safety measures in place for the light distribution centres.”

The spokesperson added that the lights would be moved to the main lighting distribution point.

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