How to install Kodi on a Raspberry Pi 2, and make it look great with this simple tutorial

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The Raspberry Pi is a small computer that runs Linux.

If you’re not familiar with Linux, it’s a general-purpose operating system that runs on top of your computer.

However, the Raspberry Pi isn’t a PC.

It’s a device that plugs into a standard HDMI port and lets you connect your television, projector, and other peripherals to it.

It also has a battery, so you can charge it all up from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

To make the Pi look great, you’ll need to install the Kodi desktop app onto it.

You’ll also need to download the required software for Kodi.

There’s a lot of Kodi on the web right now, but this guide will walk you through installing it on a basic Raspberry Pi. 1.

Boot the Raspberry PI from a USB Flash Drive and enter the Bootloader password You can find the Raspberry pi bootloader password in the system preferences menu.

Click on the Boot tab, then select Boot from a Flash Drive, and then enter the bootloader’s password.


Insert a USB flash drive into the RaspberryPi3.

Click the Download button.


Select the SD card image you downloaded from the Raspberrypi3 Bootloader and click Install.


The installation will begin.

Your Raspberry Pi will boot into the Raspbian Jessie Linux desktop environment, which should look like this: 5.

Enter the password to the SSH key prompt and log in to your Raspberry Pi 3 as root.


Type in the Raspberry Pis password and press enter to continue.


You should see the RaspberryPIs login screen.

If it does, congratulations, you’ve successfully installed Kodi!


Choose a directory to install your Kodi install.

Browse to /home/pi/.bin/kodi and press Ctrl+Alt+D to confirm the installation.


The next screen shows you the installation progress bar, which indicates how long it will take.

Click OK to close the installation process.


To verify the Kodi installation was successful, type in the username and password you used to login to the RaspberryPI login prompt.


Your installation should now be complete.

It may take a while, but you’ll soon see Kodi running in the background, so it won’t be too busy.

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