‘Replace your old home’s roof with a $250,000 git Mac’: Google

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Macs are a relatively new tech.

They’ve been around since 2002 and have been around for decades, but the company that makes them has seen the popularity of the PC go from $600 to over $1,000.

They have become the standard in the home office, office office workstation, and even some of the big-name tablets, but there’s one major drawback: their cost has skyrocketed.

Nowadays, you can get an iPhone for under $100, while the new Macbook Pro costs more than $2,000, and the MacBook Air costs more like $3,000 or so.

In the case of the iPhone, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus are even more expensive than the original iPhone.

If you’re going to spend $3K on an iPhone, you might as well buy a new Mac to make it happen.

If your budget is tight, you may be able to get a Mac Mini, but it costs $800 or so, which is not an option if you’re spending more than you need.

And with the iPhone coming out in October, Apple is going to have to do something to help keep the Mac up-to-date.

The company announced today that it will be releasing a software update for Macs, which will add new features like iCloud storage, a new “home” app for Mac users, and a new way to access iTunes backups.

The changes come as part of the new version of Apple’s Home app, which allows users to set up a home, including an alarm, to get things like email, calendar, and photos off of the computer, which are all on the Home app.

Apple said that the Home update will be available to Mac users through the Mac App Store and in the Apple Store for free.

The Mac update, which Apple describes as a “major upgrade,” will bring with it new features for Mac owners including an iCloud backup feature that will let users set up their Macs to store backup copies of their iCloud content.

This new feature will let them sync iCloud backups between their Mac and any Apple device.

The new feature, known as iCloud sync, is something Apple has been adding to the Mac for a few years now.

It’s a feature that lets Mac users automatically sync data between their devices.

This is something that you’ve probably used at some point in the past, but Apple’s new iCloud sync feature is going into its first major release as part, you guessed it, of the Mac update.

It will let Mac users instantly sync files and folders across multiple devices, as well as create and manage backups for multiple Macs.

iCloud sync works like a “cloud” feature, meaning that a user can set up multiple Mac devices and have them all sync up and synch up at the same time.

The more devices that you have on your Mac, the more sync options that you’ll get, but as Apple says, iCloud sync only works with the latest version of Mac OS.

For example, if you have an iPhone 6, then the Mac will sync with all the iPhones on your iPhone, but if you get a newer Mac with the same model number, iCloud will sync all the iPhone files and iCloud folders on your new Mac, and not the iPhone itself.

The feature will be free for the first year of the update, but will cost $5 per month for subsequent years.

Apple’s website says that the new Home update is a “mac OS update for macOS Sierra,” but we can’t confirm that.

Apple is also updating the Mac with new hardware support for the Retina MacBook Pro, which comes in at $1.49 million.

The update is the first time that Apple has added a hardware update to the macOS Sierra OS.

In addition to the new hardware features, Apple also announced that Macs will be able now to automatically download apps, so users can get things done when they need to.

Users will also be able share photos and videos between Macs as well.

This will be the first Macs that will automatically download these apps when they’re needed, meaning you’ll be able stream your favorite videos from your Apple TV or other Apple devices over to your Mac.

If Apple has something special planned for the Macs in the future, we’ll update you as soon as it becomes available.

The full release notes for the new macOS Sierra update can be found here.

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