Google News installs the new version of the News app with a splash

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The Google News app has been updated to version 6.6, bringing a number of bug fixes and new features, including a new option to view and edit news from Google’s mobile News app.

News apps for Android have traditionally had to be updated frequently, but Google is finally doing it in a timely manner.

The new version comes with a number new features for Android users: A new option for viewing and editing news from the mobile Newsapp A new setting to show a splash image on the home screen of the app when you open the app A new tab for quick access to a large collection of recent articles to read more about an article or article topic from Google News.

A new search feature has been added to the app for searching news from different sources and searching for specific topics.

There’s also a new section to the right of the main news section, which includes a search bar, a link to the Google News site, a dropdown menu to search by keyword or topic, and a filter for recent articles.

Google also has a new feature called the News tab.

Users can now choose from a selection of articles that Google News has published, including popular articles, best articles, and news from other sources.

Google News users can also search for articles by topic, keyword, or topic.

Searching articles will return articles from other news apps, as well.

The News app is a popular and widely used search app for Android.

It has a large community of users, and the app has a wide variety of content and stories.

Google has also improved the design of the Google news app.

For example, it now includes a new background image when you launch the app, and it’s easier to add links and widgets to articles from Google.

The app is also getting an overhaul of its sidebar, with a new tab called News tab, which has a more streamlined navigation bar.

Google is also adding a number more new features to the News apps, including news articles from local newspapers, popular articles from the US, and more.

Google Now has also been updated for Android 6.7, including support for multiple accounts.

You can now also share content with Google Now and other Google services by swiping left and right on the notification bar.

The update also includes the addition of a new “Find” option to the Search box, which brings up a search box to help you find articles about an item.

The search bar will also show search results from the Search results page of the Search app, which can be useful for finding articles about a specific search term or topic you want to search.

The feature is only available in the Android News app, but the new app will support it in the Google Search app in the future.

For Android users, Google has rolled out a few new features that are part of the Android 6, 7, and 8 updates.

It’s possible to enable a new device for a new user, so there’s no need to update the Google app on the device.

Google announced the Android updates on March 6, and users will see the new updates in the coming weeks.

The Google app for iOS is also receiving Android updates, but it’s likely that the Google apps will be pushed out to the iOS app store in the near future.

If you’re a Google Android or iOS user, you can sign up to get updates on the Android app for your Android or iPhone by visiting the Android or Apple Store app.

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