Why the Windows Store is not an ideal place for new Windows users

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Install-First Mobile (formerly the Windows Phone Store) was founded in 2015 and has since been acquired by Microsoft.

The company launched the Windows 10 Mobile Store in March 2018 and has expanded the store to include more than 50,000 apps and games. 

The Windows Store for apps is a major part of the company’s strategy to keep pace with the mobile landscape, which is expected to reach a whopping 1 billion apps by 2020. 

Microsoft has not yet said whether it plans to move its Windows Store to the App Store, but it is expected that it will eventually. 

According to the Verge, the Windows Insider program is a “key way” to get the new Store app, which can be downloaded for free.

The Insider program is one of many ways that Microsoft hopes to keep tabs on the evolving mobile landscape. 

For example, Microsoft plans to integrate a new new app store in the Windows 8.1 operating system that will allow it to show new apps as soon as they are installed, and offer recommendations to developers. 

And Microsoft plans on making the Windows App Store more accessible by allowing users to purchase apps directly from the Store and then downloading them to their devices. 

There is no word on whether this new store will be a replacement for the Windows Mobile Store. 

If the store is moved to the Windows Insiders program, the apps will also be available in the Insiders app store, which will be similar to the desktop store. 

So, the only question left is whether Microsoft will move the Windows Store to the new App Store and integrate it into the Windows 7 App Store.

The answer is likely no, but the move could make the Windows store look more appealing. 

As of today, Microsoft is still offering a Windows 8.x app store that allows users to install Windows 10 apps on their PCs. 

However, Microsoft did open the Windows Store to developers in August 2017, meaning that the Store now includes many of the most popular apps from Microsoft’s recent Windows Phone and Windows Phone 8 operating systems. 

Additionally, Microsoft also released the Microsoft Edge browser on the Windows 10 Store in June 2018, and Microsoft Edge in September 2018.

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