The carpet installation price has gone up again

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Prices on carpet installation have gone up yet again, this time to the point where you can expect to pay anywhere from £100 to £300.

The price of carpet installation has been rising steadily since the beginning of the year.

Since November, the average price has risen from £2,800 to £4,300.

Since February, the price of carpets in the UK has increased by 8% per year, while the cost of a carpet has increased at an annualised rate of 0.6% per annum.

The trend was most pronounced in the capital, with the average increase of 10% in the price per square metre of carpettas installed between November and March.

In the south of England, the trend has been less dramatic, with average increases in the average amount of carpet installed per square meter of carpet being a paltry 1%.

In the Midlands, the pace of the price increases has slowed down, with a steady rise of 2.2% per cent per annums from March to November.

In Scotland, the number of carpet installations has been growing steadily, with an average increase in the amount of carpet installed per sq metre from October to November of 0,000 per annam.

In London, where the average increases have been most dramatic, the amount installed per person per year is now 2,500 sq metres, a figure which has increased from around 2,100 sq metres in 2014.

In Northern Ireland, where there is a lot of demand for carpet installations, the increase in carpet installation is slowing down.

There is now an average of 1,500 carpets installed per household per annamen, which is down from an average in 2014 of 2,200 carpets per household.

A spokeswoman for the Scottish Government said: “While we have seen a fall in the number and size of carpents installed over the past 12 months, we remain committed to ensuring that we keep pace with the demand for new carpets across the country.”

This is the second consecutive year that the price has increased.

In November, it rose to £3,500 from £3.50.

In September, the UK government said that the number for carpet installation had reached its lowest point since records began in the 1980s, with around 2.5 million square metres of carpet already installed.

This article originally appeared on The Conversation.

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