How to Install Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 6 on Your PC

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New Scientist readers can now install Google Chrome and Firefox on Windows 10 machines with the new update, Microsoft announced today.

Windows 10’s newest version is available now in the Store for $19.99, which is roughly half the price of the previous version.

It comes with all the latest features, including a redesigned Start menu, more Cortana, and Cortana for Business, which lets users customize their accounts with personalized messages.

“Today, we’re introducing the first ever universal update to Windows 10, which allows Windows users to install a wide variety of new apps and games,” Microsoft said in a blog post today.

“This is a big step forward for Windows 10 as a platform, as it brings the broadest suite of new features to the Windows platform in more than five years.”

Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox are the first apps to receive this update, along with the newest versions of Microsoft Edge and Internet Essentials, which are available on the desktop.

Microsoft says it’s working on the release of these and other new apps over the coming months.

“We’re excited to see what our customers come up with,” Microsoft spokesperson Joris Evers told Ars.

“With Windows 10 today, we’ve added a slew of apps, and we expect that to grow in the coming weeks.

We’ll be adding a new app each week as we build the platform and expand the features.”

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s next major operating system, which launched last week.

The update adds support for the Windows Embedded Framework 4.5, a next-generation runtime runtime that is used by Windows 10 for building its operating system.

The Embedded Runtime is designed to make it easier for developers to use the platform to build apps for mobile devices.

It’s not clear whether the new Windows 10 update will include these features, but Microsoft says the new runtime is compatible with older Windows versions and is built on top of the new C++11 language.

This means it can run on any platform running Windows 10.

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